Tallinn with Kids: Our Recommendations

Here are some top recommendations for things to do with kids in Tallinn:

1 min walk from Rija Fonnental Design Hotel

Explore Kadriorg Park and Palace: Kadriorg Park is perfect for a leisurely family stroll. You can visit Kadriorg Palace, which houses the Kadriorg Art Museum, featuring works from the 16th to 20th centuries. The park itself has lovely gardens, ponds, and playgrounds.



Just around the corner from Rija Old Town Hotel

Toompea Hill and Tallinn Old Town: Climb Toompea Hill for panoramic views of the city and then explore the medieval Old Town. Kids will enjoy wandering through cobblestone streets, discovering hidden courtyards, and visiting historic sites like the Tallinn Town Hall.


Seaplane Harbour Museum: This interactive maritime museum is housed in a vast seaplane hangar. Kids can explore historic ships and submarines, try out simulators, and learn about Estonia’s maritime history in an engaging way.


Pirate Ship Adventure: Take a fun cruise on a pirate ship in Tallinn Bay. These themed boat tours often include pirate dress-up, storytelling, and games on board, which are sure to capture kids' imaginations.

Energy Discovery Centre: A great place for curious young minds, this science center offers hands-on exhibits on topics like electricity, robotics, and renewable energy. It's both educational and entertaining.

Tallinn TV Tower: For a thrilling experience, visit the Tallinn TV Tower. Ride the elevator up for breathtaking views, and if your kids are old enough, they can try the edge walk around the tower.


Estonian Open Air Museum: Just outside Tallinn, this museum showcases Estonia's rural architecture and way of life. Kids can explore traditional farmhouses, watch craftsmen at work, and participate in workshops.

Visit Tallinn Zoo: Take a day to explore the Tallinn Zoo, home to a diverse range of animals from around the world. Kids will love seeing polar bears, elephants, and other exotic creatures. The zoo also features a petting area and a playground.


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See you in Tallinn!