Discovering Baltic History: Museums in Riga and Tallinn

Riga: Art and History

Riga, nestled along the picturesque Daugava River, is a hub of artistic and historical treasures. The Latvian National Museum of Art showcases Baltic artwork from different eras, from medieval to modern. For a deeper understanding of Latvia's past, the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia offers insights into the nation's resilience during challenging times.



Tallinn: Medieval Marvels

Tallinn, with its medieval charm, is a treasure trove of history. The Estonian History Museum in the Great Guild Hall takes visitors on a journey through Estonia's past with exhibits ranging from Viking artifacts to medieval weaponry. At the Seaplane Harbour Museum, maritime enthusiasts can explore Estonia's seafaring heritage through interactive exhibits and historic vessels.



Riga and Tallinn offer rich experiences for those eager to uncover Baltic history and culture. Through art, history, and maritime exploration, these museums provide a glimpse into the stories that have shaped the Baltic region over the centuries.

Museums can open new points of view for everyone. They are great stops when traveling with kids, individual travelers, and also senior travelers who enjoy slow city exploration. If you are aged 55 or more, here is a great offer just for you to make your visit to Riga or Tallinn (or both) more advantageous.